Database installation

We still havn't created the database schema needed to store content with N2. This is done through the installation interface located at the the subdirectory /edit/install.

Creating database and inserting root node 

  • Compile and run the site and browser to /edit/install (the address might look like  https://localhost:1224/edit/install/)
  • Assuming you've set up web.config reasonably well the installer should guide you through the required steps.

The installer will create these 4 tables:

  • n2item - Stores items with basic properties such as title, parent item and created date.
  • n2detail - Stores the "property bag" with anything from a boolean to serializable objects. The details are accessed through a name indexer.
  • n2detailCollection - Stores a collection of properties with the same name for an item.
  • n2allowedRoles - Stores groups allowed to access a certain item.

N2 stores items in a hierarchical tree of nodes. Because of this the root item needs to be treated a bit differently and must be inserted during initial set up.The installer should hepl you through this.

Editing content

Assuming everything goes well (if not you can get help in the forums) you should now be able to edit some content even though it's not displayed anywhere yet.


When we edit the page through the N2 edit interface the editable attributes we added earlier are interpreted by the edit interface.

It's time to create a template to display the content we can manage in the edit interface.