Getting started

These pages will cover the example templates and show the basic features of N2. You will learn how content on the example web site is defined and the basicis template building. You are welcome to ask questions in the forum and help to point out unobvious or missing parts.

  1. What to download and where (NEW)
  2. Some programming: the domain model in this example
  3. The user interface: A glance at edit mode
  4. More programming: page templates and the content
  5. More about inheriting content items
If you get the the example templates you are welcome to venture into intermediate topics such as:
  1. Dynamic parts & non-page items
  2. Displayable attribute & the display control
  3. The included editable attributes.
  4. Edit mode plugins
  5. Creating reusable editor attributes
  6. Handling relations
  7. Configuration
  8. Managing content programmatically