What are the requirements?

To edit and manage content:

A browser such as mozilla or internet explorer 6 or 7.

For the server environment:

For development:

  • Visual Studio

Why can't I create this new item type I added to my code?

Here's some common gochas:

  • The item doesn't inherit from N2.ContentItem or a derived class.
  • The item is abstract - only stuff you can create with the new keyword can be added.
  • The N2.Integrity.AllowedParents or N2.Integrity.AllowedChildren attributes is defined in a way preventing the item from beeing created below the current node.
  • You're adding the item to a zone but it's N2.Integrity.AllowedZones attribute isn't defined on the class.

hi, i want ask you about use arabic langauge in N2

Seems to work okay. If you translate the resource files I'd love to include them in the package.

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Does N2 work at a shared hosting provider?

Yes. This site runs on a shared hosting provider.

Is MS Access databases supported?

Yes, kindof. Malachi was kind enough to write a how to on the matter.

How much does it cost?