N2 is leverages on ASP.NET features such as existing web controls site map and membership providers.

It also introduces a number of data binding utilities designed to simplify the introduction of content onto the ASPX page template. A few examples:

Writing a page title

Writing the page title markup to the page:

Bindig the title to a H1 web control using the n2 expression builder:

Binding the title to a label in a h1 tag:

Using the default control (a h1) to display the Title property:

Using an editable display control (allows for on page editing):

Writing an anchor

Binding a hyperlink using expressin builders.

Writing the hyperlink markup to the page. 

Binding hyperlink data from code behind.

Using data sources 

Binding content items to a grid using the an ASP.NET data source.

Composing pages of smaller parts

Displaying content parts in the right column zone.

Display or manage content parts using the control panel and drag&drop.