Color Picker

Adds simple color picker support for N2.

This is done through new attribute [EditableColorPickerAttribute].

Add-on features:

* Based on jscolor( a simple & user-friendly color picker
* No framework needed (jQuery, MooTools, YUI, Dojo.)
* Quick & easy installation
* No popup windows
* Wide cross-browser compatibility
* Customizable appearance and behavior

EditableColorPickerAttribute supports 3 boolean properties: hashSymbol, requiredValue, caps.

* hashSymbol - default false, adds '#' symbol
* requiredValue - default false, determines if this field can be left blank
* caps - dafault true, use lowercase or upcase.

For simple use: unrar to 'siteroot\\addons\\' folder, add reference ColorPickerAddon.dll.

Mark any string property of your page class in such ways:

[EditableColorPicker("Color", 6)], [EditableColorPicker("Color", 6, ContainerName = Tabs.Content, ....)];
[EditableColorPicker("Color", 6, true)] - add '#' symbol;
[EditableColorPicker("Color", 6, true, true)] - autofill field;
[EditableColorPicker("Color", 6, true, true, false)] - add lowercase;

6/7/2010 4:46:07 PM

Max Zayarnyuk @ Lemberg


3860, 2.0 rc2


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